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Rusty-metal-roof-ohioAcross the United States, there are many commercial and industrial buildings with metal roofs. Metal roofing is a leading choice for building protection because of its lasting durability and longevity, among other features.

Several metal roofs are also completely torn-off and replaced with new commercial roof systems each year. But many of these metal roofs are replaced prematurely or unnecessarily. That translates into what could be tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary capital expenditures.

A complete metal roof replacement is already a lengthy and costly process. There are many expenses burdens involved:

  • Metal roof tear-off expenses
  • Torn-off metal roof disposal costs
  • Landfill-related cost burdens
  • Heavy labor cost inputs
  • Significant material costs for new metal roofing materials
  • Sunk costs from slowdown in business productivity and customer needs fulfillment

There’s an alternative to metal roof replacement that doesn’t require as much time or nearly as much expense. A metal roof restoration will add years to your metal roof’s life and turn your hot metal roof into a cool energy-saver. Then it will not have problems with rust, and it will not have any costly leaks spring up.

The metal roof restoration solutions we use are manufactured by Conklin®, a leading provider of durable, ENERGY STAR® certified waterproofing agents for metal roofs and more for almost 40 years. With these roof coatings, metal roofs have been known to last for decades longer! They form a completely seamless, fully adhered, and completely waterproof membrane over your metal roof that holds up in the harshest conditions. These Conklin® roofing systems are backed by non-prorated warranties on 100% of labor and material costs for up to 18 years, depending on the product and application.

What Do Conklin® Restoration Products Offer?


  • Add many more years to an existing metal roof’s life
  • Superior waterproofing and no seams on restored metal roof
  • No leaks, no rusting, and generally no trouble
  • No roof tear-off, disposal, or other replacement-related expenses
  • Save up to 50% on avoided roof replacement costs
  • Reflective white roof surface that deflects 85% of sun’s energy for up to 30% cooling cost savings
  • Repairs affordable and easy-to-make if needed
  • Fewer roof maintenance and upkeep demands
  • Holds strong against hurricane-force winds, severe hail storms, powerful storms, prolonged sun exposure, and more

Big Energy Savings Possible

With Conklin’s metal roof restoration solutions being able to deflect 85% of the sun’s energy, there are tremendous opportunities for saving on energy costs. How’s that the case?

white-roof-coatingDuring a hot day, a roof tends to absorb heat and retain it. Heat also travels from the roof to the rest of the building below. The heat from the sun infiltrates the building that the roof protects, and because of the change of temperature dynamics inside the building, the building’s air conditioning system works harder to keep the interior space cool. More energy is used up as a result.

Instead of absorbing heat, a white, restored metal roof reflects it. The heat is kept from transferring over the body of the building below, and it is prevented from coming inside the building’s interior space. As a result, the air conditioning system doesn’t have to perform as hard to keep the inside of the building cool. Cooling costs then remain more conservative and steady.

Our ENERGY STAR® certified metal roof restoration systems are so energy-efficient, they’ve been known to give building owners 30-50% cost savings on annual cooling expenses. An energy-efficient roof lets you save money and reduces your reliance on the electricity grid, which reduces your building’s carbon footprint.

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At Five Star Commercial Roofing, we’re committed to delivering service and workmanship executed according to the highest performance standards. Our valued contractors have professional product training and experience under their belt. You can be sure you’ll only receive completely professional commercial roofing services from our experts.

Our metal roof replacement solutions are available for customers in a wide service region: Orrville, Loudonville, Cleveland, Dover, Akron, Canton, Massillon, Mt. Vernon, Norwalk, Wellington, Carrollton, Shelby, Wooster, Litchfield, Medina, Brunswick, and the surrounding municipalities. Dedicated associates are also available for servicing nationwide.

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