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metal-img1Would you like to improve your metal roof’s performance? Metal roof coatings will turn your hot metal roof into a cool, energy-saving asset. They will also extend its life for years, stop costly leaks, and greatly strengthen its durability.

For lasting value, Five Star Commercial Roofing embraces the latest in metal roof-enhancing technology. Our Conklin® roof coatings represent some of the most complete waterproofing solutions available today. When applied, they completely change the way a metal roof performs. It does not rust, and it no longer has any leaks. On top of that, these advanced coating technologies are backed by non-prorated warranties covering all labor and material costs for up to 18 years!

What Do You Get from Conklin® Metal Roof Coatings?


  • Superior waterproofing from strong-performing urethane components
  • Fully reinforced cool metal roof without any seams or exposed areas
  • White, reflective surface that rebounds 85% of the sun’s energy
  • Decades of virtually maintenance-free protection
  • Reduce yearly cooling costs by 30%
  • Exceptional weathering capabilities
  • Repairs easily made if needed
  • No roof replacement costs such as tear-off or disposal expenses
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You could recoup the cost of the metal roof coating application in seven years or less. Conklin’s metal roof coating systems are ENERGY STAR® certified and can be expensed as maintenance for tax savings.

Save on Metal Roof Repairs or Replacement Costs

metal-img3Of course a metal roof will require repairs at different points. But those small, localized repair costs sure can add up in time. And a complete metal roof replacement is the most costly option of all. It involves the complete tear-off and re-roofing of your building, which is a costly disruption to business operations and productivity.

You don’t have to settle for those big expenses. There is a third option: metal roof restoration. Our capable team members will quickly and efficiently apply Conklin’s metal roof restoration solutions so there’s no slowdown in your business operations.

On top of that, a Conklin® Metal Roof Restoration System does not have as many maintenance or upkeep demands. And it does not involve the time-consuming process of a re-roofing project. In fact, you can see up to 50% cost savings with all of the roof replacement-related expenses you’ll be avoiding.

Conklin Metal Roofing Solutions and Their Performance Value

Why Conklin?

  • 35+ year reputation for excellence
  • 2+ billion square feet installed nationwide
  • Reported warranty claims rate of 0.25%
  • Transferable non-prorated warranties
  • Best-in-class seamless roofing solutions

Conklin® roof coatings are also valuable because of the flexibility they add to metal roofs. A Conklin® roof coating application gives a metal roof “elastomeric” properties, or the ability to easily expand and contract in tandem with the sun’s powerful energy. Because a coated metal roof is so flexible in the hot weather, it is not susceptible to leaks in places where it would have been before, like areas around seams or screws.

Conklin’s metal roof restoration products also keep heat from infiltrating your building as well. By reflecting most of the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere, your building’s interior stays cool and comfortable. Additionally, your cooling equipment doesn’t have to work as hard, and you can save thousands of dollars on avoided equipment maintenance and repairs as a result.

Our metal roof coating services are available for a wide service region: Mt. Vernon, Brunswick, Orrville, Wooster, Medina, Dover, Canton, Carrollton, Shelby, Cleveland, Litchfield, Akron, Loudonville, Norwalk, Massillon, Wellington, and the surrounding municipalities. Dedicated associates are also available on a nationwide basis.

So, for reliable, lasting solutions for your aging metal roof, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We will be happy to schedule for you a free roof estimate.

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