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Conklin-flat-roof-replacement-ohioIn the United States today, there are many commercial buildings that have flat roofs on them. Commercial flat roofs stand out for the lack of building volume that they occupy. They don’t require as much roofing product volume to construct, and they can be less expensive to install or re-coat than roofing systems with a steeper slope.

Care is needed, though, as flat roofs need routine inspection and maintenance. Flat roofs are the most impacted by factors such as weathering or severe outdoor conditions. In fact, a flat roof’s ensuing damage can be so extensive, a complete flat roof replacement is the only way to go. Without proper maintenance and general caretaking over time, a flat roof can even require a complete replacement in just a few years.

Commercial Flat Roof Replacement Services

Flat-roof-replacement-services-ohioWhen your commercial flat roof does need to be replaced, you can count on Five Star Commercial Roofing to give you a new, durable flat roof system that performs well. Our high corporate standards, combined with our ENERGY STAR® certified, fully waterproof Conklin® flat roof solutions, will bring a new level of performance to your building’s overhead.

We also recognize that roof replacement is a time-intensive process. We’ll be sensitive to your timing needs and completely take care of your needs in the time frame you desire and within budget. Five Star Commercial Roofing is committed to your full satisfaction and long-term security, and our valued roofing professionals are here to offer the timely professionalism and support you need every step of the way.

Conklin® Flat Roofing Solutions

On top of Conklin’s line of high-performance, energy-efficient roof coating products, we use a specialized single-ply roofing system for complete flat roof replacement jobs. This product is called Conklin® Flexion roofing membrane, and it offers some of the greatest roofing flexibility available on the market today.

Why Conklin?

  • 35+ year reputation for excellence
  • 2+ billion square feet installed nationwide
  • Reported warranty claims rate of 0.25%
  • Transferable non-prorated warranties
  • Best-in-class seamless roofing solutions

This durable system is formulated with advanced Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) thermoplastic membranous product that’s reinforced with DuPont® Elvaloy® and a 1,000-denier low-wicking fabric. This powerful formulation gives the Flexion® system tremendous flexibility and yet superior-grade strength and stability. The system’s UL and FM Class A fire resistance and FM 1-90 wind resistance add further value to the mix, as they complement the Flexion system’s ability to stand strong in the harshest conditions.

Here a few other benefits of the Flexion® system:

  • Provides protection against the sun, weathering, and severe outdoor conditions
  • Easily installed, maintained, and repaired commercial roofing system
  • Superior resistance to discoloring or dirt build-up
  • Stronger building overhear and overall structural integrity
  • Forms strong, water-tight seal over a commercial building
  • Built to last for the long haul
  • Maintains strong performance of deflecting 83% of the sun’s energy over time
  • Installable at any time of the year
  • Few upkeep and maintenance demands
  • Strong record of performance in all climates
  • Tested and confirmed for exceptional weathering capabilities
  • Can recoup costs of system installation in 4-7 years with big energy savings

flexion-roof-system-installationOn top of these benefits, Conklin® is so committed to extending strong, lasting value, it offers a non-prorated warranty for 20 years on this time-tested, trusted roofing system. This non-prorated warranty covers 100% of labor and material costs for the time length, and it’s transferable between building owners and easily renewable.

Call us if you’d like to discuss this non-prorated warranty option. We’d be glad to perform an evaluation of your flat roof, examine its condition, and then talk about how we can serve you.

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Whether your flat roof requires a re-roofing application, a life-extending restoration job, or quick roof repairs, our roofing professionals pledge to deliver only the utmost professional service in all they do. You don’t have to settle for less-than-top-tier roofing solutions. Take advantage of our free roof estimate, and you can enjoy the benefits of a proven, lasting flat roof system while seeing thousands of dollars in savings on yearly energy costs.

Our flat roof replacement services are available in a wide service region: Norwalk, Loudonville, Wooster, Orrville, Akron, Shelby, Cleveland, Canton, Massillon, Carrollton, Litchfield, Mt. Vernon, Medina, Dover, Brunswick, Wellington, and the surrounding municipalities. Dedicated associates are also available for servicing nationwide.

So, don’t delay! Give us a call and our professionals will give you a free, no-obligation roof estimate!

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