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Commercial Roof Repair – Ohio & U.S. Locations

Our commercial roof repair services include:

  • Local patchwork and full restoration
  • Commercial roof maintenance
  • Flat roof inspections & repairs
  • Flat roof maintenance
  • Metal roof inspections & repairs
  • Metal roof maintenance
  • Spray foam roof inspections & repairs
  • Spray foam roof maintenance

At some point, all commercial roofs have problems. Influences including harsh outdoor conditions, pooling water, prolonged sun exposure, or simple weathering are common causes of trouble, and if left unattended, these issues can compound into bigger roofing needs.

However, in many cases, the extent of those problems can be controlled by how often a roof has been inspected for damage and maintained. Whether the roof has been damaged by hail, powerful winds, solar radiation, frequent foot traffic, or another cause, oftentimes an expensive roof replacement can be avoided.

By keeping it in good condition, the roof will have better chances of lasting for its projected service life. It will also be more likely to deliver full performance value throughout its expected life span. In short, having repairs made when problems appear can translate into thousands of dollars in cost savings over the long run.

Qualified Commercial Roofing Expertise Required

Commercial-roof-inspectionOf course, it is important for roof repairs to be made by a qualified roofing service provider. To ensure its workers are ready for dealing with commercial roof repairs and other needs, a truly professional roofing company will have given them professional training. It will also have quality control standards in place to ensure workmanship is done according to high measures of excellence.

At Five Star Commercial Roofing, our commitment to customer needs is deep-rooted. For making sure our customers get only the best service, we do the following:

Save Money with Commercial Roof Maintenance

Frequent roof inspections and maintenance can generate lots of savings in avoided roof replacement or big repair needs. You are welcome to contact us for details on how we can create a customized plan for managing your building assets’ roofs.

  • Have all workers go through professional training
  • Train workers to be experts in proper application of the Conklin® roofing products we use
  • Ensure they are painstakingly prepared to handle customer needs with skill and precision

Our customers take comfort in the knowledge that our roofing applicators are carefully trained to handle their needs.

Why Do You Use Conklin® Roofing Products?

Ever since it made its debut on the commercial roofing scene in 1977, Conklin® has been a driving force in seamless, energy-efficient roofing solutions. Conklin® was the innovator of the first acrylic roof coating for commercial roofing applications, and it has continued that pattern of product engineering to this day. It continues to produce roof coating technologies that are on the cutting-edge of today’s white roofing systems and their energy-saving capabilities.

Using Conklin® products, we are capable of addressing roofing needs ranging from simple, localized roof repairs to complete roof re-covering jobs or comprehensive roof replacements. When applied over an existing substrate, these coating products form a white, fully adhered monolithic roof membrane that seals off an existing roof from the outdoor elements. Their high-grade chemical formulation and urethane components make them effective waterproofing solutions for virtually all commercial roof systems.

With Conklin® products having those capabilities, leaks, one of the leading causes of roofing problems, are put to rest. Then the coated roof holds up against powerful storms, strong winds, hail outbreaks, solar radiation, and more.

Commercial-roof-repairs-and-maintenance-effortsConklin® also has a solid performance record. Consider the following:

  • Almost 40-year reputation for excellence
  • Non-prorated warranty coverage backing all products
  • Over 2 billion square feet of Conklin® products applied nationwide
  • Reported warranty claims rate of 0.25%
  • Can add 20-25 years to an existing roof’s life, whereas other coating systems typically add 10-15
  • Save up to 30% in yearly A/C costs with powerful reflectivity capability
  • Building owners have been seen to save up to 50% on avoided roof replacement costs

We proudly offer commercial roof repair in many areas: Dover, Canton, Wooster, Carrollton, Loudonville, Mt. Vernon, Massillon, Orrville, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Norwalk, Medina, Brunswick, Wellington, Litchfield, Shelby, and the surrounding municipalities. Dedicated associates are also available nationwide.

For your repair needs, you can instantly benefit from these great products. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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