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Commercial Roof Maintenance – Ohio & U.S.

Maintenance1A preventative maintenance program is important for many reasons. Regular roof maintenance keeps your commercial roof’s lifecycle costs down. It ensures your roof warranty stays valid. It also makes it more likely for your commercial roof to last its expected service lifetime. Roofing industry studies confirm a roof without regular maintenance will last for only half of its expected service life.

As a full-service firm, Five Star Commercial Roofing offers a complete line of commercial roofing services for your convenience. We offer comprehensive maintenance programs for corporations, property management firms, and small-to-medium enterprises year-round. These maintenance programs are customizable for anything from a single building location to an entire portfolio of building assets.

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Because job satisfaction is our top priority, you can expect completely professional treatment from our capable team. Our roofing professionals are fully-versed in handling all facets of commercial roof maintenance. Your roof will be handled with the complete professionalism and expert caretaking it needs to stay in good performance order.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Services for Containing Extensive Roof Damage

Maintenance2Aside from preventing expensive roof repairs, roof maintenance efforts are valuable in another way, too. They are an excellent resource for damage containment. Even though a commercial roof is a large capital investment, it’s often one of the last things that stays top-of-mind.

With routine maintenance services, though, a roofing professional will identify areas with later-stage damage that could’ve easily turned into bigger expenses without attentive caretaking. That, combined with location of areas with early signs of trouble, will keep your roof in good working order and those steep capital expenses associated with roof re-covering or complete replace at bay.

High-Performance Waterproofing Solutions

Maintenance3Of course, effective commercial roofing services involve use of great products. When a commercial roof needs more intensive repairs or maintenance, we use Conklin’s line of ENERGY STAR® certified, 100% waterproof roofing products. These roofing products have a strong track record, as they have been installed on over 2 billion square feet of roofing and have a warranty claims rate of 0.25%.

Conklin® roof products also come with non-prorated warranties on 100% of labor and material costs. In other words, if your commercial roof has a warranty issue, you will have zero expenses to pay for out-of-pocket. And this non-prorated warranty guarantee can passed from one building owner to another.

Ohio Roof Maintenance Programs Available

roof-drain-maintanenceWhen handling your roof maintenance needs, our roofing professionals will be straightforward and upfront in their services. We will carefully examine every square foot of your roof for damage or debris, and ensure all of your rooftop units are well-secured. Our maintenance services include:

  • Close scrutiny of every part of the commercial roof
  • Careful evaluation of the roofing components’ condition
  • Complete debris removal
  • Ensuring all rooftop units are secure and well-fastened
  • Careful consideration of any signs of roof movement
  • Close examination of any exposed areas where sub-roof components could be damaged
  • Comprehensive, written report of all details involved, such as areas with damage

If repairs are needed, our valued contractors will perform only the work that’s needed- without question. We proudly offer commercial roof maintenance programs in Ohio, including the following areas: Mt. Vernon, Massillon, Akron, Wooster, Dover, Carrollton, Loudonville, Cleveland, Norwalk, Shelby, Orrville, Medina, Canton, Brunswick, Litchfield, Wellington, and the surrounding municipalities. Dedicated associates are also available nationally.

So, contact Five Star Commercial Roofing today for a free roof estimate. We will be happy to provide details of how our roof maintenance programs can offer value to you.

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