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Commercial Roof Inspection – Ohio & U.S.

inspections1There are many reasons why a commercial roof should be regularly inspected. In matters such as insurance claim settlements, the commercial roof tends to be one of the most litigated building components involved. Frequent roof evaluations, and documentation of the roof’s history over time, can help in keeping the details straight.

There is the cost factor as well. A commercial roof can be one of the biggest capital expenditures on a commercial property that a building owner or corporate entity makes. Because the roof’s value depends heavily on how long the roof lasts for, proactive roof assessments and caretaking will help keep expensive roof repair costs or even costly replacement expenses at bay. In turn, that will keep the roof’s lifecycle costs down. It will also make the roof more likely to last for its complete expected service life.

Commercial Roof Inspections Available

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Five Star Commercial Roofing is committed to total job satisfaction on every project. As part of our complete line of professional commercial roofing services, we offer commercial roof inspections. In this inspection, we will carefully examine the status of your roof and evaluate its condition.

inspections2Thereafter, we will present you with a detailed report of your roof’s condition and whether any roof repairs are needed. If repairs are required, we will perform only the work needed, period. You will be given a detailed analysis and service quotes for everything that’s involved with any roof repair needs if they turn up. Everything will be clearly laid out, openly transparent, and easily understood.

Certified Roofing Professionals

Of course, your roof should be inspected and handled by professionals. Each of our roofing team members has been professionally-trained for best commercial roofing practices, and they have all the necessary experience. All of our roofing work is performed according to painstaking standards for workmanship and service, as well.

Our roof inspections are comprehensive and completely no-obligation. They include:

The Five Star Difference

  • Customized portfolio management programs
  • Documented report of roof’s condition
  • Reputable roofing professionals
  • Services for corporations, small businesses, property management firms, and more
  • Careful examination of roofing materials’ condition
  • Full evaluation of the state of any caps, ridges, and drip edges
  • Close inspection of the condition of the water-draining equipment such as gutters and drains
  • Careful examination for activity around rooftop units including HVAC systems, roof pipes, vents, skylights, valleys, chimneys, and more
  • Close scrutiny of any signs of movement
  • In-depth examination of the condition of roof-specific features, such as metal roof flashings

We conduct roof inspections in the spring and fall every year. We can help you come up with a customized building asset management plan, whether you have one building needing attention or an entire portfolio requiring expert service.

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inspections3As a professional commercial roofing firm, Five Star Commercial Roofing is committed to offering commercial roof inspection and maintenance programs of the highest caliber. Our capable professionals are swift and dependable in their service-providing, and they will handle your commercial roofing needs with the efficiency and timeliness you deserve.

We perform commercial roof inspections in the following areas: Brunswick, Litchfield, Wellington, Cleveland, Akron, Wooster, Canton,  Dover, Carrollton, Loudonville, Norwalk, Shelby, Orrville, Massillon, Mt. Vernon, Medina, and the surrounding municipalities. Dedicated associates are also available throughout the United States.

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