Roof Inspection

Many building owners don’t give much thought to the roof that stands guard atop their facility, and that can spell disaster as time passes.

The roof is one of the most expensive components of a commercial or industrial building, and as such it needs to be safeguarded. A key part of doing this is having roof inspections performed regularly by a professional roofing contractor. Failure to regularly inspect your roof and have proactive repairs performed can lead to widespread damage that could necessitate costly roof replacement years before it was ever intended.

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Inspection Frequency

A common question among building owners and managers is, “How often does my roof need to be inspected?” In general, a roof should be inspected at least twice a year—once before the season with the most extreme weather begins in your area and once again just after that season concludes. Your roof should also be inspected whenever an extreme weather event or potentially damaging happening takes place.

The biannual inspections accomplish a few things. Firstly, having the roof inspected before extreme heat, cold, etc. sets in identifies weak areas on your roof so they can be bolstered before the harsh weather conditions arrive. Having a second roof inspection following your region’s harshest season helps ensure that any damage sustained during that season is identified and promptly dealt with. Having your roof’s condition professionally documented will also be important if damage does occur, helping to prove that the damage was not preexisting should you have to go toe-to-toe with an insurance company.

Another reason for regular inspections is maintaining your warranty. If your roof is under warranty, the terms of the warranty will likely stipulate that your roof must be regularly inspected and maintained by a professional. Failure to comply with this can mean the invalidation of your warranty.

The Process

At Five Star Roofing, we offer comprehensive inspections that are obligation-free. When we come out to your location to examine your roof, we will:

  • Carefully examine the condition of roofing materials
  • Evaluate the condition of caps, ridges and drip edges
  • Inspect condition of water-draining equipment like drains and gutters
  • Carefully examine activity around the rooftop units, including HVAC systems, vents, roof pipes, skylights, valleys, chimneys and more
  • Closely scrutinize any signs of movement
  • Meticulously examine the condition of roof-specific features, like flashings
  • Provide customer with a documented report of the roof’s condition

We’re Here for You

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