Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofs have become a very popular choice for commercial buildings, offering incredible durability, a comparatively easy installation process, and an attractive appearance. Like any type of roof though, a metal roof will eventually develop problems that require the attention of an expert roofer. When that day comes and you find yourself in need of metal roof repair, you can count on the team of professionals at Five Star Commercial Roofing for expert workmanship and a job well done.

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Common Metal Roof Problems

Like anything made of metal, a metal roof will eventually begin to develop rust. Even if the rust is only appearing on one area of your roof, it can quickly spread and compromise your entire roof structure.

Leaking is another problem associated with metal roofs. Leaks can develop due to rust or other catalysts, but no matter what caused a leak, if it isn’t promptly and properly addressed it can end up compromising the whole structure of your building.

If you neglect having regular roof maintenance and repairs performed, the outcome could be expensive roof replacement years before it should ever have been needed.

Did you know that statistically, roofs are replaced prematurely as much as 70-80 percent of the time? That is an alarming statistic by anyone’s standards, and there are various reasons for this untimely roof replacement. One factor, as mentioned above, could be the failure of building owners to properly maintain their roofs, thus necessitating roof replacement years before it should have happened. Another cause can be dishonest roofing contractors who recommend roof replacement when it isn’t necessary in order to profit from the extensive and costly replacement work.

Services You Can Trust

When Five Star Commercial Roofing is the company you partner with, you don’t need to worry about unnecessary roof replacement.

One of our specialties is high-quality roof coating systems, which offer ENERGY STAR® certified protection, address all of your existing roof’s problems, and add years to the life of your current roof—no expensive roof tear-off and replacement needed.

If your roof is having problems, we will meticulously assess its condition and recommend the very best solutions to fit your budget. If a cost-friendly roof coating system could correct your roof’s issues and prolong its life, that is the solution we will recommend. We will only ever advocate roof replacement if there is truly no other viable alternative—so if we say your roof must be replaced, you can trust that we’ve explored every other option first.

With expert maintenance and repair services from Five Star Commercial Roofing, you can rest assured that your roof is in capable hands. We will work tirelessly to keep your roof functioning well for the number of years it was meant to last—and maybe even longer!

Call On the Experts

Whatever your metal roof needs may be, the crew at Five Star Commercial Roofing has the expertise to handle them and do it right. Our professionally trained contractors can perform localized repairs on your metal roof, and we also offer a full array of other roofing services that enable us to tackle any scope of work. If your roof needs restoration, we can do that. If it needs to be replaced, we can do that, too. Whatever your roof’s problems and needs, you can trust that our assessment is backed by extensive knowledge and experience and that we have your best interests at heart.

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