Interested in Commercial Roofing?

Would you like to expand your business in the commercial roofing industry? Or perhaps you’re looking for the right break-through. No matter where you’re at, there’s something for roofers of all experience levels at Choice Roof Contractor Group.

What’s It About?

  • Greater Service

    Offer better solutions to building owners with the resources and support of a natioonalwide group who work together and have earned the industry’s respect.

  • Group Experience

    Our members share their knowledge & experience with each other. You can learn the best service & business growth strategies from other roofers!

  • Shared Excellence

    We can do more together than by ourselves. Group members commit to provide building owners with quality roofing solutions & service delivery.

  • Complete Support

    There’s solid support. We offer help from veteran roofers, extra credibility, marketing support, discounted product pricing, occasional free leads, and more.

  • Strong Reputation

    Group members have serviced the needs of many major companies in the U.S. Qualified members can use this to show their value to building owners.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Qualified roofers can offer a lifetime service guarantee. It’s backed by our network, and it helps ensure building owners have a consistent service experience.

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What Opportunities Are Available?

Over the years, our top roofers realized the commercial roofing industry has a problem. Building owners need a reliable contractor that will always be available to service their roof. Otherwise their roof would go without care, its warranty would become invalid, and existing problems would turn into more costly issues.

Choice Roof Contractor Group solves this big problem for building owners with:

  • Contractors vetted to be quality providers
  • Dependable roofer always available
  • One-stop shop for all project needs
  • Expertise & support from group
  • Uniform service experience via fixed standards

What are the Contractor Support Benefits?

Why Roofers Join Our Group of Contractors
Blue-Check-IconAdded Credibility with Accountability (Approval from Group Leaders Required)
You will benefit from our nationwide reputation for quality service and dependable roofing systems as an endorsed member.
marketingLifetime Service Guarantee (Approval from Group Leaders Required)
With our network’s lifetime service guarantee, the building owner doesn’t have to worry about whom to hire for future repairs if you ever step away.
mentorsAssistance from Experienced Members (Available to All Members)
As an added benefit, you can send pictures and/or video of roof problems for feedback, ask about closing difficult sales, or get any other type of advice.
partnersShared Marketing Strategies (Available to All Members)
Our network of veteran contractors share their most effective growth strategies with members in other parts of the U.S.
discountsDiscounted Access to Materials (Available to All Members)
Our group is well known for using our preferred and respected roofing systems and we make sure all members get the same low pricing as distributors.
lifetime-guaranteePriority Access to Trusted Partners (Available to All Members)
By leveraging the size of our network, we were able to get our members exclusive deals on equipment, software, and valuable services.
giftOccasional Commercial Roofing Leads (Priority Access to Endorsed Contractors)
As part of our commitment to help members close on as many commercial roofing projects as possible, we generate commercial roofing leads for the network.
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